Licensure guidelines to follow while schools and offices are closed due to COVID-19. Check back frequently for updates. As new information from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is received, the guidance provided will be posted below:

  • Flexibility provision for hands-on CPR due to the impact of COVID-19:  Until June 30, 2021, any individual seeking an initial license or licensure renewal and who has completed all other components of training in emergency first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the use of automated external defibrillators shall be relieved of the requirement to have hands-on practice of the skills necessary to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the purpose of their licensure application (§ 22.1-298.1.D). 

2021  Renewable License holders should continue to work towards meeting license renewal requirements as set forth by the Virginia Department of Education.  (This includes 180 points for renewal and all online training requirements.) 

License Renewal begins January 1, 2021 and must be completed by April 1, 2021. 

  • Scroll down this web page for detailed information and forms for license renewal 
  • 2021 Renewable License holders should complete a FirstAid/CPR/AED online training module and include a certificate of completion in the license renewal packet showing evidence of completion of the video training for all three components. Due to Covid 19, hands on CPR practice is not required. Learn more about FirstAid/CPR/AED training opportunities
  • Sign and date the license renewal form the same date you send your paperwork
  • Pay all license fees electronically when you are ready to turn in your license renewal packet and include a payment receipt with your licensure request. Follow instructions for Electronic License Fee Payment
  • Addresses on all licensure forms must match the address on file with Prince William County Schools. To verify your current address on file or to update your address go to Employee Self Service (ESS) Your login and password for ESS is the same as your PWCS login information. (Note: Paper address change forms are no longer accepted, employees must make all address changes using ESS.)

At this time, mail cannot be dropped off at the Edward Kelly Leadership Center. Send  one complete, single packet of documents to the PWCS Office of Certification via U. S. mail to:

PWCS Kelly Leadership Center
Office of Certification
P.O. Box 389
Manassas, Va 20108
To the attention of (insert name of your licensure specialist)

Jennifer Missner

Brock Relyea

Beverly Slabaugh
Administrative Coordinator
Compliance/Certification Office

How to verify license renewal packet was received and sent to the VDOE for processing:

Due to recent delays, allow two weeks after sending your packet to a licensure specialist, then go to the Certification Link page. Select the Alpha Roster button and look for your name on the spreadsheet

License Renewal for PWCS employees

Congratulations on being an educator with Prince William County Schools. We trust this will be an opportunity for you to make a difference in our school community by fostering a desire to learn and to show genuine care to the students of our great school division. Your role is important and you should be proud of the profession you have chosen!

One of the most vital qualities of all professionals is the commitment to continuous learning and growth in knowledge and skill. 

Electronic Payments now available for license renewal

When do I renew?

  • PWCS requires that all license renewals be submitted to the PWCS Office of Certification between January 1 and April 1 of the year the license expires. The VDOE does not accept license renewal packets prior to January 1st. Do not send your packet in early.

Use current Application for License Renewal:

License Number Look Up

Go to My Info/Licenses and Certification to find your VDOE issued license number when needed. Your login and password for ESS is the same as your PWCS login information. 

Use Employee Self Service (ESS)


Advisor/Principal Responsibility License Holder Responsibility
  • License Holder Responsibility Checklist (Word)
  • Name on license must match legal name with PWCS
  • Addresses on all licensure forms must match the address on file with Prince William County Schools. To verify your current address on file or to update your address go to Employee Self Service (ESS) Your login and password for ESS is the same as your PWCS login information. (Note: Paper address change forms are no longer accepted, employees must make all address changes using ESS.)
  • Additional licensure requests require a Licensure Request Form (Word)- include all documents with License Renewal Packet - no fee for name change when submitted with renewal packet.

License Renewal Training Requirements

The Child Abuse Recognition Training has been updated with new information. The link works best if used in Internet Explorer. If you experience any issues with the link, the following workaround can be performed:

Virginia Department of Social Services Mandated Training
On left side of page, select Child Protective Services, Required Training/Courses
Choose CWSE 5691 - Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (For Educators)


High quality professional development offering new information, knowledge and skills must be maintained using any of the eight options for license renewal for all renewable license holders.


License Renewal Updates

  • Effective July 1, 2018, the Virginia Department of Education is issuing 10-year renewable licenses. 
  • The cost to renew the license has increased to $50.

How many points do I need to renew a license?

  • Five-year renewable license holders must present 180 points for renewal and will be issued a ten-year renewable license. (This applies to licenses expiring 2021, 2022 and 2023.) License holders are only required to verify 180 points, additional points earned do not need to be included or verified with evidence for the license renewal process.

  • Ten-year renewable license holders must present 270 points for license renewal - Note: Pending the Administrative Process Act regulation updates. (This applies to licenses expiring 2028 or later) License holders are only required to verify 270 points, additional points earned do not need to be included or verified with evidence for the license renewal process.

How can I earn points for license renewal? 

  • Use the Virginia Licensure Renewal Manual (Word) to learn more about the eight options available to earn points for license renewal, maximum points allowed for each option and examples of how to verify points earned.

How do I earn professional development points?

The PWCS Professional Learning Catalog provides professional development opportunities for license holders to earn points for license renewal. You must be logged into your PWCSOffice 365 account to gain access. Once logged in, select “All Apps” and locate “PS-Professional Learning Catalog.”

Some course offerings may offer college credit. If you need assistance on your log-in credentials, contact the Professional Learning Office at 703.791.7369.


If you did not enroll for the professional development activity using the Professional Learning Catalog, the activity will not be reflected on your professional development transcript.

Points do not need to appear on your PWCS professional development transcript in order to be eligible for approval on your renewal application. Activities such as Dyslexia Awareness Training that will be completed outside of the PWCS Office of Professional Learning Catalog will not appear on your professional development transcript.

When activities or points are earned outside of the PWCS Professional Development Catalog, a certificate of completion or other verification document will need to be included in your packet for review by the principal/advisor to show evidence of points earned. 

Teacher Direct - VDOE - this resource provides professional development activities and opportunities for learning. Some workshops, symposiums, and institutes offered have an associated fee and other options may be at no cost. Check out the opportunities for your subject area of interest and learn more about what is happening in Virginia to assist teachers in the classroom and increase knowledge in education.

TeacherDirect News

TeacherDirect provides a direct line of communication with classroom teachers and educators. TeacherDirect includes information about new instructional resources created by VDOE staff as well as professional development, grant opportunities, and other information of special interest to teachers and their students.

Outside Resources

  • Teacher-To-Teacher eLearning Workshops – Online professional development for teachers from the U.S. Department of Education, including streaming video courses on effective instruction in English, mathematics, science, and other subjects.
  • Virginia's Community of Learning
  • A curriculum, instructional, technology and professional development resource for educators designed to support classroom and learning activities for teachers, students, administrators, parents, and future educators.

If you choose to use Option 1, college credit, all semester hours or credits must be earned through a Regionally Accredited Agency (Word).

Common resources to earn college credit online include:

Most common License Renewal mistakes:

  • Packet sent to the VDOE in error. All packets must be sent to the PWCS Office of Certification.
  • Check made out incorrectly. Checks should be made payable to Treasurer of Virginia
  • Wrong year on check. Date of check must reflect current year.
  • Points under Option 8 listed as under 5 points. Activities must be 5 or more points.
  • License Renewal Form not signed by principal/advisor.

Other Notes:

  • The $50 fee covers all endorsements regardless of the number of endorsements reflected on a license.
  • Superintendent's License is a separate license and requires an additional fee of $50 to renew.



It is the responsibility of the license holder to maintain a valid license issued by the Virginia Department of Education. Progress should be made each year towards license renewal requirements and reflected on the performance evaluation process accordingly. Non-compliance of license renewal requirements and deadlines may result in a recommendation for non-renewal of the contract or dismissal from a position.