Welcome to Drama with Mrs. CW!

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You can also do any of the activities from the previous weeks!  They are all fun, so check them out! :)

 A Skit with Something to SAY! Alien Objects
 Let's Hear Your VOICE! Odd Invention Infomercial
 Get Creative, Your CHOICE!  So You Think You Can Dance...
Z-O-M-B-I-E-S Edition!
 Tell Us About What You SEE! Recreate a Funny Family Photo
A Script to Try, a Character to BE!  Onward-  Focus Scene

About the structure of Drama Class!

The goal of drama class is to work creatively on speaking, reading, writing and performing.  Each class period will have a short read-aloud that will inspire us and frame the focus for the lesson.  Students will read plays, create skits, emulate author's styles, and work in teams on dramatic games and challenges.  Through our activities students will gain confidence in reading fluency, speaking in front of others, sharing ideas, working together, being creative and having fun!

About Mrs. CW as a teacher!
I have been teaching for 17 years.  I have taught Pre-K, 1st grade, 6th grade, and for years 5th grade reading.  I have previously taught in PWC at Glenkirk and T. Clay Wood.  My majors in college were elementary education and psychology.  My concentration was in children's literature.  I was always interested personally in theater, drama, music, choir, band and art.  I love reading to children with all kinds of expressive voices.  I always had my classes doing assignments that had some sort of dress-up element.  Three years ago I was lucky enough to be nominated for Teacher of the Year in PWCS by my former students and parents.  When Haymarket Elementary found itself growing and needing another encore class option, that could be literary-focused as well as fun... well, I was the person to play the part!

Mrs CW reading

About Mrs. CW personally!
I am from northern Minnesota.  My dad was a musician.  My mom teaches water aerobics and works at a state park.  My grandparents were both teachers.  I have two brothers.  I try to go home to Minnesota often, as I miss my family and the beautiful lakes.  My husband's name is Joe Walker.  He is from Green Bay, WI, and is of course a Packers fan.  We have five dogs that the students will hear a lot about- Tucker & Charley (golden retrievers) and Watson, Holmes and Moriarty (shiba inus, and yes, they look like the doge meme).  I love to run, travel, take pictures, and go shopping.  When I am not at school dressing up and being silly, I am 'Costume Teacher'- I dress like famous characters for charity events, fundraisers and birthday parties.  

Mrs CW Wedding photo

Elsa and Watson

We have started a tradition at Haymarket performing the musical version of Elf!
Stay tuned for more drama-related opportunities throughout the year!