Recreational organizations, to include organized athletic teams and leagues, individuals, or groups wishing to use the school facilities for athletic activities, are required to reserve school locations in accordance with the details outlined below.

Use of Grass Fields, Outdoor Areas, and Indoor Facilities at High Schools

All athletic organizations interested in using the ATFs, grass fields, or other outdoor and indoor facilities at the high schools are now capable of scheduling activities directly with the school of choice. Users may do so by following the instructions as outlined on the Reserve A School Location page. Please note that direct scheduling of athletics will be limited to high school facilities only. PWCS restricts non-PWCS organizations from using new athletic grass fields for at least one year or until the grass has had time to fully establish. Additionally, high schools may further restrict use to limit unnecessary wear and tear. 

Please refer to Regulation 930-2, Community Use of High School Athletic Facilities , for a list of fees, procedures and additional information pertaining to scheduling use of the high school facilities for athletic events.


Per the revised Cooperative Agreement between PWC and PWCS, elementary and middle school grass fields, artificial turf fields (ATFs), and indoor facilities are scheduled by the PWC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). As such, organizations may not request use of these schools directly. Download a copy of the revised Agreement (PDF).  

If you represent an athletic organization wishing to use the grass fields, or if the proposed event is recreational in nature (e.g. soccer practices), please contact the DPR's Sports Services Office at 703.792.7060. Alternately, an Application for Community Use of Park and School Facilities (Word) may be completed and emailed directly to the Sports Services Office at

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