Savings Bonds

The U.S. Treasury Department has added a new payroll feature to its electronic TreasuryDirect account system. You now have choices about how you purchase savings bonds. You can use payroll deduction to purchase electronic (that is, paperless) savings bonds through a web-based system called TreasuryDirect. This system allows you to establish an online account with the U.S. Treasury to purchase, hold, and manage securities. Through a payroll deduction, just like one you would use to contribute to a bank account or credit union account, you can transfer funds to your

Piggy BankTreasuryDirect account and purchase savings bonds.

Consider these additional benefits when you open a TreasuryDirect account:

  • You can purchase and redeem your savings bonds online
  • You can view and track your purchases and account activity online
  • You can access and print detailed information about your current holdings 24 hours a day
  • In the future, you will be able to purchase Treasury bills, notes and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) through the same TreasuryDirect account.

We encourage you to visit for more information and a guided tour of TreasuryDirect. Once you have set up your account, and you choose the payroll deduction option, you need to print the payroll deduction form (PDF)and forward the completed form to the Payroll Department.


PWC Employees Credit Union

Prince William County Credit Union

$AVE BIG!  PWC ECU has a partnership with Brennan Team of the Long and Foster Real Estate and George Mason Mortgage, LLC to provide savings on closing costs to buy or sell a home. Check for details on the $AVE BIG link on our website –  

The PWC Employees Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1971. All PWCS employees are eligible to join the PWC Employees Credit Union. Simply open a share savings account with as little as $10.00 and a one-time $1.00 membership fee. You become immediately entitled to take advantage of all of the products and services your credit union has to offer such as low interest rate loans and high interest rate certificates of deposit: 

  • Draft (checking) accounts have no minimum requirements or monthly service charges.
  • Maximum Signature loans up to $5,000.00 with rates as low as 8.99% to qualifying borrowers!
    Ex: $5,000.00, 60 months @8.99% estimated payment of $106.00 per month

Call 703.680.1143 today or apply online at

EMV Chip-Enabled cards are now being issued. As your debit card expiration approaches, you will receive notification from PWC ECU that your new card will be ordered soon, so that you can be watching the mail for it. A day or two after receipt of the new card, you will receive a new PIN.New card # = new PIN !It is very important that you activate and use the new card upon receipt, as the “old” card will be closed soon thereafter. The EMV chip-enabled card provides additional security features to help prevent fraudulent transactions.

Want to know if PWC ECU is open during inclement weather? Please check our website for any delayed opening or closed announcement. We will also have an updated message on the after-hours phone response. PWC Employees Credit Union​

Do you use PWC ECU’s mobile app? Do you have a PWC ECU debit card?  Be proactive in helping to protect your account, and debit card, from potential fraud, by using the card control feature in our Mobile App. This lets you block your card from use when you’re NOT using it.  


Apple Federal Credit Union

Apple Credit Union

Apple FCU has been serving Prince William county educators for more than 20 years. From basic financial accounts like Checking and Savings, to competitive-rate Auto and Home Loans, Apple has something for everyone. Plus, as PWCS employees, you’re eligible for some EXCLUSIVES courtesy of Apple FCU. Visit the Apple Federal Credit Union website for more information.