Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center
14715 Bristow Rd.
Manassas, VA 20112

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Driving Directions to the Edward L. Kelly Leadership Center (PDF)

Visitors and school-based employees should park on the Bristow Road side of the Kelly Leadership Center and enter through the main doors near the flag pole. The Department of Human Resources is located on the first floor of the Kelly Leadership Center.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 389
Manassas, VA 20108

Shipping Address:
Independent Hill Complex
14800 Joplin Rd.
Manassas, VA 20112

Frequently Requested Information

Topic Details Contact Information
School Closing Information View School Closing Information webpage 703-791-2776,
select #3
Tip Line Send reports on anything from school threats they’ve seen or overheard to personal crises, including sexual harassment, self-harm, and depression.  
Employment Human Resources & Employment website
Employment Line
  Administrative (Management) Employment 703-791-8959
Fax: 703-791-8033
  Teaching, Substitute Teaching, Classified (clerical and non-teaching employment) - Contact the Employment Service Center 703-791-8050
Fax: 703-791-8560
Employment Verification Verify employment for PWCS employees 703-791-8081
Fax: 703-791-8560
Website Contact the webmaster for questions or concerns about the PWCS website, broken links, accessibility, etc. [email protected]


School Board

Name Office Email Address Phone Number
School Board Office     703-791-8709
Babur B. Lateef, M.D. Chairman [email protected] 571-353-5469
Lisa A. Zargarpour
Vice Chairwoman
Coles District [email protected] 571-791-8709
Adele E. Jackson Brentsville District [email protected] 571-791-8709
Lillie G. Jessie Occoquan District [email protected] 571-659-1636
Diane L. Raulston Neabsco District [email protected] 571-251-3467
Jennifer T. Wall Gainesville District [email protected] 703-791-8709
Justin David Wilk Potomac District [email protected] 703-791-8709
Loree Y. Williams Woodbridge District [email protected] 571-242-8259


Executive Leadership Team

Office Name Email Address Phone Number
Superintendent of Schools LaTanya D. McDade, Ed.D. [email protected] 703-791-8712
Deputy Superintendent Vacant    
Chief of Staff Elisa M. Botello [email protected] 703-791-8712
Associate Superintendent - Central Elementary Schools R. Todd Erickson [email protected] 703-791-7236
Associate Superintendent - Eastern Elementary Schools Vacant    
Associate Superintendent - Western Elementary Schools Jarcelynn M. Hart, Ed.D. [email protected] 703-791-7234
Associate Superintendents - Middle Schools William G. Bixby
Catherine Porter-Lucas
[email protected]
[email protected]
Associate Superintendent - High Schools Michael A. Mulgrew [email protected] 703-791-7238
Associate Superintendent for Special Education and Student Services Denise M. Huebner [email protected] 703-791-8585
Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Rita Everett Goss [email protected] 703-791-8710
Chief Equity Officer Lucretia N. Brown, Ph.D. [email protected] 703-791-8712
Chief Finance Officer John M. Wallingford [email protected] 703-791-8701
Chief Human Resources Officer Donna L. Eagle, Ed.D. [email protected] 703-791-8377
Chief Information Officer Matthew Guilfoyle [email protected] 703-791-8030
Chief Operating Officer Al Ciarochi [email protected] 703-791-8701