As we navigate through this time together, here are some suggestions to keep current with skills and learning.  I will continue to update you through email and the class page. 

Bottle Project – this was a planned assignment and at this time, will be due upon return to school. If your son/daughter was not in school on Friday, please check your email for their bottle person assignment and instructions.
IXL Calendar – updates on assignments will be sent via email, if necessary.  IXL is a great tool for reviewing and continuing to build math skills.  
Math Review Packet - updates on assignments will be sent via email, if necessary.
VA Studies SOL Packet – students have been working on this already and should have sections VS2 and VS3 completed.  They can continue to work on VS 4-7.
Reading – students were given the option to sign out books from our homeroom library.  Please encourage your son/daughter to continue to read for 30 minutes during the week.
Writing – students are encouraged to work on their writing.  Some suggestions would be to create a journal and write to each other, write a poem about their favorite season, write a letter to me telling me 3 things that they want me to know about them.

You may also visit the Haymarket Elementary website for additional learning resources under Technology@HMES.  

Stay healthy and have a wonderful weekend!!