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Mrs. Battiata is back from maternity leave. Check out the Music Resources page for some brand new music activities each week!

Introducing the newest bear cub, Harrison Salvatore Battiata!
Baby Harrison

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About music class!

In music class children will explore music through experiential learning. We will discover new musical concepts through listening, reading, movement, instrument playing, singing, and creating. From Kindergarten to Second Grade students will learn musical fundamentals such as beat, rhythm and pitch. By the end of First Grade students will read rhythmic notation. By the end of second grade students will read pitch using solfege syllables. In third grade students will learn to read the treble clef staff. Fourth grade students will continue and master recorder playing this year. Fifth grade students will explore writing their own music and learn to play the ukulele! Fourth and Fifth Grade students also have the option of joining Chorus, which meets before school on Tuesdays. All grades will learn and perform folk songs and dances. Listening units this year will include world music, jazz, and history of rock n' roll. 

About Mrs. Battiata! 

I am so excited to be returning to Haymarket for the second year! Over the past six years I have taught in Virginia, Oklahoma, and California. I graduated from James Madison University in 2013 with a Bachelors in Music Education with a vocal concentration. While my voice is my main instrument, I also play piano, ukulele, guitar, and percussion. I have sung in multiple professional choirs and opera/ musical theater companies. Teaching elementary music is my absolute passion. I love being a part of children's early experiences with music. I also love hiking, cooking, and snuggling with my sweet dog Janet.
It's going to be a great year!!!