Learning at Home
During an Extended Absence

*Read for 20 minutes each day
Use a plain sheet of paper to LOG your reading over your break.  I would like for you to record the date/title of the book/author.

*You can use your RAZ-KIDS or Tumblebook accounts to read.  
RAZ-Kids login is in your agenda and Tumbebooks login is haymarketes/reads

*Use this website to read different poems.  
As you read, write the name of the poem down on a sheet of paper and who you believe to be the SPEAKER of the poem.  I would also like to you write a sentence or two about what made the poem special.  

*Use this website for reading comprehension passages and questions for understanding.  On the left side, under filters choose (3rd grade) and then choose a passage.  These passages are all nonfiction.


*Write a letter to someone you know to be mailed.
*Write an email to Mrs. Kidwell to let her know how you are doing.
*Write a diary to document your time away from school.
*Write a poem.

*Check out this website for fun geometry ideas
                               Image result for geometry plane shapes

*Practice geometry skills using the study guides located in the 3rd Grade Resources on our home page

*Complete the ECOSYSTEMS project and email a pic of your project to Mrs. Kidwell.  I cannot wait to see it!!!!!  

*Check out this website for some food web ideas

*Use these StudyJams video clips from Scholastic.  Check out the ones on EcosystemsFood ChainsFood Webs, and Changes in Ecosystems. They are short and sweet and have lots of applicable information.  Watch the video clips twice and pause as you go through it because the information can be presented kind of fast.  Write facts about your learning in a notebook or on a sheet of paper.  Also, try the TEST YOURSELF feature.

StudyJams Ecosystems

Social Studies
*Explore Ancient Civilizations
Use National Geographic Kids on the Haymarket Technology Site to review Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.  Explore other Ancient Civilizations-China and Egypt.