Learning from Home

If you find that your child must learn from home during this school year (2021-2022) here are some help tips to support your child:  

  1. Each student is assigned a laptop. Please pick up that laptop from school so your child can access the instructional materials he/she needs.
  2.  Logging on to the computer.  Each computer will come with your child name, username, email address, and more on the blue card in the pocket on the computer.  If you child is in grades 3-5, your child should know their password.  If you child is in grades K-2, you can go to the Student Password page to change their password if you don't know it.  
  3. All work that your child will do is accessible in Canvas.   Follow these directions:  First Day of School in 2 Steps. Please use the Chrome Browser.
  4.  Zoom is our online learning classroom. Your teacher may use Zoom to teacher some lessons or have parent conference. 
    • For Parent Conferences, the teacher will send you a Zoom Link in an email.
    • For teacher taught lessons, students will need to log on to Canvas and click on the Zoom link.  Before do that, be sure to follow these directions to set up the student Zoom account:   Log on to Zoom First .pdf
  5.  All parents will need to sign up for ParentVue to get important emails, your child grades, and more. You may also want to have an "observer" account in Canvas.   Here is a document that will help you with setting up these accounts:  Parent Checklist to start the year4.pdf