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Welcome Back Bear Cubs!  We look forward to another exciting school year!
Our focus this year will be I CAN and I WILL.  Let's build from what we CAN do and strive for what we WILL do!

ESOL Weekly Newsletter

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Mrs. Mullen mullentm@pwcs.edu          and         Mrs. Petrus petruscc@pwcs.edu


April 20-24, 2020

Hello Families!

We hope that everyone is continuing to work on school assignments from home during this school closure.  Many learning opportunities are posted on https://haymarketes.pwcs.edu/ To find them follow the directions below:

  • Go to https://haymarketes.pwcs.edu/
  • Click on class pages to take you to your grade level.
  • Click on Grade Resources (2nd grade example shown below)
  • Click on the week and the choice board of lessons will open

Mrs. Mullen and Mrs. Petrus continue to work with teachers in planning lessons for students.   You may see ESOL considerations on the choice board or anchor charts, word boxes, sentence frames, etc in the teacher plans.  All that is there to help you with the lessons.  Remember to reach out to us if you need additional help.  We are just an e-mail away!  Here is an overview of the reading lessons for the week:


1st grade:  Scholastic News.  There are directions for using this resource in the weekly lesson.  Please let Mrs. Petrus know if you need additional support.  Answer the comprehension questions either on the worksheets or talk about the questions with your children.  Writing or speaking are both great options!

2nd grade: Asking and Answering questions about a non-fiction book.  If you are not able to listen to the book, practice asking each other questions and answering in complete sentences!  Trying asking questions that start with who, where and when.

3rd grade: This week the focus is askingand answering questions about what is read and finding evidence to support those answers.Think about askingyour child 3 questions about something they read this week. It may or may not be something from one of their school assignments. If you need ideas for questions, feel free to use some from the question bank or Mrs. Kidwell’s sample graphic organizer.

4th grade: This week 4thGrade is reviewing the THEME of a story.  Remember that theme is a lesson a reader gets from reading a passage or story.  What is the author trying to tell you?  Some common themes are: actions speak louder than words, be prepared, don't wait until the last minute, and have courage and be kind.  Ask your child the theme of something they have been reading and why they think that is the theme.

5th grade:  Alliteration (the first word in every sentence starts with the same sound.  Trying saying “Bobby bought bunches of baseball bats before breakfast.”  Hear the repeating b sound at the beginning?  That is alliteration!


Each week we also highlight an additional parent resource you can use with your students.  This week there are 2 resources to share.

  1. Our website has many links to websites that are created especially for our students.Take a look and explore the sites together!https://haymarketes.pwcs.edu/cms/One.aspx?portalId=407337&pageId=41529113


  2. Public television has a schedule of learning opportunities for children in grades K-3 every day!  The daily schedule is attached to this e-mail.  Please open the attachment and see what lessons students can participate in.

Hope everyone continues to stay healthy and enjoys learning from home.  Please reach out to us if you need any additional help.  We miss our students!

Sending high fives to everyone,

Mrs. Mullen and Mrs. Petrus

Multilingual Books in the Library


                Did you know the Haymarket Library has a multilingual section with bilingual books (English and other languages), books written completely in another language as well as word to word bilingual dictionaries and picture dictionaries?  Students are welcomed to check out dictionaries for the entire school year to use when completing assignments at school or at home.  Please ask an ESOL teacher or a librarian for help checking out a dictionary.  Dictionaries need to be returned at the end of the school year. Books can be checked out following the same library policies as other books. 

                Being multilingual has many benefits.  One benefit of having exposure to other languages is that it promotes higher levels of abstract thought.  To read about additional benefits, visit https://www2.ed.gov/documents/early-learning/talk-read-sing/bilingual-en.pdf


Image result for ABC
Here are some resource links to help your child learn their alphabet:


It's National Writing Day- check out some of our students writing a letter to celebrate this day!


Interested in Learning English?  Check out the link below to find out more information.



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**Parents, Please take a moment to make sure you get the latest information about weather closings and delays for Prince William County Public Schools.  You can access this information HERE.  Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Urdu and Korean links available as well.**

Check out the sites below to find bilingual books on the web!  

International Children's Digital Library-