Dear Parents,
First we want to thank you for your patience during this challenging time for everyone. Partnership will help continue the upwards trend of our students’ thinking and learning. If you are not receiving emails from your child's teacher or the school, please email them and they will make sure that your email is updated so that you are receiving class and school communications.

You will find instructional resources on the left (click on (4th Grade Resources) as well as links to online applications at Technology@HMES. Once in the Resource folder, click on the week you are looking for and find the Choice Board to review the activities. There may be more attachments within the weekly folder that you may need to access.

Reminder: We cannot replicate the school day…even as much as we want to! A suggested daily schedule is available on each Choice Board. New activities for the coming week will be posted by Sunday late evening. Also, Dr. Walts’ guidance was that we provide 60 minutes of optional work to our students per content area per week and it should focus on reviewing skills that were already taught. To review the Standards of Learning that are being covered in the coming weeks as well as those Standards that weren’t covered due to the closure, please click on this link:  Fourth Grade Skills 19-20.pdf

Thank you,

4th Grade Team

Ms. Teufel, Dr. Matteson, Ms. Pregnall
Ms. Gruber/Ms. Perry, Ms. Hale, Ms. Carter

4th grade team picture