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  • HMES Golden Cub Award

    Golden Cub Award Weekly Winners 22-23



    Week 1 - Viviane Vu

    "You'd never know she was a first year teacher and full time grad student!  She made the first week of school look easy as if she's been doing it for years!  Her excitement, experience, collaboration and new ideas are refreshing!  We are so fortunate to have her on our team."


    Week 2 - Emily Shapiro

     "She always has the best smile and most upbeat, positive attitude.  It's just what I need to start and end my day!"


    Picture of Amy Lelito holding golden bear cub


    Week 3 - Amy Lelito

    "So thankful for her help in problem solving and helping my kids log onto their computers."

    She has been so helpful in first grade in setting up computers and it went smoothly because of her!"


    Picture of Casey Cline holding the Golden Bear Award




    Week 4 - Casey Cline

    "Casey Cline has been an amazing contributor to our team when planning and providing support for lessons for our ELL students!  She always has a great attitude and wants to help in whatever way she can.  She has asked to meet with us before school since she's working with other students during our planning time and has provided activities to help ALL students with learning unfamiliar vocabulary words on specific passages we're working on each week.  We are so happy to have her be a part of our team and greatly appreciate her input!"