Key to our Success


 CUB WINNERS FOR 2020-21  
 picture of Mrs. Bush  Our CUBS winner this week is Mrs. Bush! She has been nominated based on her complete commitment to her students as well as her willingness to always collaborate with partner teachers for the sake of student success. Mrs. Bush is truly a life-long learner and takes every opportunity each day to learn and grow as a professional! We certainly were lucky to steal her from middle school a couple years ago!
 Ms. Freedman's picture  Our winner CUBS this week is Mrs. Freedman! Her nominator says, "She has been an amazing team lead this year. She is always quick to help me for absolutely anything and everything - and she’s great with tech with too! She always makes me feel like “together” we can overcome any challenges! At the end of the day, I know that she always got my back! And bonus for when I just need an adult to laugh with! Love her!"
 picture of Jorge, our custodian  This week's CUB winner is Jorge...aka Coco, our awesome daytime custodian! His nominator says, "Coco is always a joy to see in the hallways and cafeteria, wherever he happens to be at any given time! He's always so kind and helpful with anything we need and is quick about fulfilling it as well. I really appreciate him and his hard work and cheerful attitude!"
 picture of Mrs. Maire  Our CUBS winner this week is Mrs. Maire, our customer service driven Office Assistant! Her nominator says, "Mrs. Maire was amazing last week! We noticed that she was by herself towards the end of the week and she continued to do an awesome job helping everyone and providing high quality customer service. She has been a wonderful addition to our HMES family!"
 Picture of Mrs. Hammersley Our CUBS winner this week is Mrs. Hammersley, our amazing PALS tutor! Her nominator says, "I nominate Mrs. Hammersley for the CUBS award this week. She has been incredibly flexible as we have worked through yet another schedule change. She is always willing to try new solutions as we think creatively to figure out what will be best for the students. I appreciate everything that she does for teachers and students every day!" 

picture of Ms. Lake  Our CUBS winner this week was Mrs. Lake! Her nominators said, "I'd like to nominate Mrs. Lake for coordinating the author visit for 2nd and 3rd grade. The author was great. The kids enjoyed hearing from her. Thank you for doing all the legwork!" AND "Mrs. Lake for finding Sue Fleiss, our guest author! Our Third Graders really loved listening to her ideas for writing, editing and revising!"

 picture of Mrs. Hale Our CUBS winner this week is Mrs. Hale, a rock star 4th grade teacher! Her nominator says, "Thank you to Mrs. Hale for always trying to lift staff spirit. Your Lucky Shamrock Game gave everyone something to look forward to throughout the day. We're so lucky to have you!!! Thank you also for coordinating the delicious lunch from the food truck last week! It was awesome!" 

 pic of Ms Slusher  Our CUBS winner is Mrs. Slusher! Her nominator said, “Mrs. Slusher recently received a Donors Choose grant for multiple book club sets for her classroom. She is always looking to improve her students' exposure to quality literacy texts! These 7 sets will certainly help her students. She even got more added after the fact. She is also a great team lead who continues to listen and help everyone out.”

Picture of Nurse Kathy  Our CUBS winner this week is a VERY important person in our building...Nurse Kathy! Her nominator says, "Her attention to detail regarding the health and safety of our students and staff is above and beyond anything I have seen. She is constantly checking in with me regarding the various health situations of my students and keeps me informed regarding any email and phone communication she has with parents. In doing all of this, she is still always a call away on the walkie when I have a student that needs to be seen in my room. She follows the protocols and procedures to perfection and does everything with the health and safety of the HMES community as her number one priority.” 

Picture of Maria Pastor our Bookkeeper  Our CUBS (Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff) member of the week is our hard working Bookkeeper, Mrs. Pastor! Her nominator says, "Maria had a tough situation on her hands last week with trying to coordinate subs with everyone's absences. I appreciate her working so hard and speaking with subs to ensure that everyone got coverage as best we could. She also continues to have perfect audits year in and year out! Thank you Maria!"

 picture of Ms. Collins Our CUBS winner this week is Ms. Collins, one of our fabulous 2nd grade teachers! Her nominator says, "I nominate Alix Collins for CUB of the week. Not only did she e-mail her schedule changes to her students, but sent out ALL of the specialists schedules to her students. She truly went above and beyond ensuring that her students knew exactly where to be and when to be there on Tuesday." 

picture of Ms. Rop   Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted, Staff member of the week is AIMEE ROP, our awesome art teacher/author! Her nominator says, "I would like to nominate Aimee Rop for being an AMAZING art teacher! Aimee has done so many projects to beautify our school, she has undertaken the yearbook year after year, she puts together the county art show all on her own, and she works on side projects to represent HMES that few of us even realize. She manages to do all of these things along with teaching back-to-back classes and grading art assignments for the entire school. Thank you for all you do, Aimee-you are a shining star at Haymarket!”
Ms. Mill's picture  Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff member of the week is our Assistant Principal, Nicole Mills! Her nominator says, "I want to nominate Mrs. Mills for the CUBS nominee this week. We are so lucky to have her back this year! She has been a big help over the last few weeks navigating some parent concerns. She does a wonderful job of leading intervention meetings in a way that balances student needs, parent concerns and understanding the reality of teacher workload right now. Thank you Mrs. Mills!” One of her many roles is testing coordinator, which was become extra challenging...thank you for all you do behind the scenes! 

Mrs. De Boer   Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff member of the week is Mrs. DeBoer, our secretary, registrar, and so much more! Her nominator says, “Rhonda has been right there to answer any questions I have had (and I've had a lot of questions) with a smile on her face (behind her mask, of course) and usually some humor in the answer. I appreciate her quick response and determination to find a solution or answer for me if she doesn't know right away. When I had an issue with a student involving the HUB, she took care of it right away and went a step above to email the parent that it had been resolved. Thank you, Rhonda, for your knowledge and help in the front office!"

picture of Ms. Valdez   Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff (CUBS) of the week is Mrs. Valdez, a new member of the HMES team this year! Her nominator said, "I want to nominate Mrs. Valdez for the CUBS award. She goes above and beyond every day to support her students and make sure that they have everything that they need to succeed. She always has fun, creative ideas for engaging her students. She is a great addition to our Haymarket team!"

 Picture of Mr. Johnson our Cafeteria Manager Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff member of the week is Berendt Johnson, our awesome cafeteria manager! His nominator said " I would like to nominate Berendt Johnson and the whole cafeteria staff for all their hard work each day. They are so super friendly and patient with the children and staff. Thanks to everyone behind the scenes!" 

A picture of Ms. Phillips our Gifted teacher   Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff spotlight this week is our one and only Gifted Resource teacher Mrs. Phillips! Here is what the nominators said about her: Mrs. Laurie Phillips is a brilliant teacher in our school who is doing a fabulous job of balancing the virtual world of meetings and instruction with the real-world demands she has upon her every day! It is amazing how well-organized and on top of things she is, especially as she is the only Gifted teacher in the school and must have a million irons in the fire! She is well-deserving of some shout-outs and accolades for the amazing work she does, the expertise and quality with which she does that work, and the kind and considerate way in which she interacts with all (students, parents, teachers, and administrators). She is one-of-a kind and one of the best!

 Picture of Ms. Petrus       
 Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff spotlight this week is one of our ESOL teachers, Mrs. Petrus! Here is what the nominators said about her:
• Mrs. Petrus for taking on the Implemented Practice organization again this year, her effort makes it easy to earn those required points!
• I’d like to nominate our amazing ESOL teacher, Mrs. Petrus! This is my first year working with Mrs. Petrus and I am so thankful that I have the honor to have her help our students! She is ALWAYS adding extra insight and ideas to our Language Arts block. She is constantly trying to help and find ways to reach all our English Language Learners and doesn’t hesitate to step-up when needed. I can’t tell you how many times she’s said something that enhanced and enriched our lesson! I appreciate all that she does to help me in class, not just her students! Kudos to Mrs. Petrus for always being so wonderful! 

Picture of Ms. Ebeck    Our Compassionate, Understanding, Big-hearted, Staff (CUBS) member of the week is Ms. Ebeck, our Reading Specialist! Here are her nomination blurbs:
- "I nominate Erin Ebeck! Erin puts herself out there all the time to be a team player. Her schedule is full of teaching students, meeting with teams, meetings for IEP/Intervention, meeting with individual teachers, and who knows what else. I appreciate her enthusiasm and willingness to help out where needed."
- "Ms. Ebeck always reaches out to us as a Team to make sure we have what we need to help us serve our students. She always is available to answer questions about the new programs and get us up and running. She is also extremely flexible when needing to work around schedules."

 picture of Mary, our Kindergarten TA  Week of December 1st, Caring, Understanding, Big-hearted Staff (CUBS) member is Ms. Letham-Blevins, our K instructional assistant AND PALS instructor. In the words of her CUBS nominator - "Mary didn't hesitate when we asked her to take on this new PALS role, in addition to her Kindergarten responsibilities. She is excited to learn new skills herself and she has embraced all of the technology. She asks questions every day so that she can learn new strategies and better serve her students. I really appreciate her commitment to our students!"