ALL PTO funds go back to the school (in some form or another).  In the 2015-16 school year, the PTO gave over $22,000 to the school.  Money raised was used primarily to buy books for the Book Room, and to buy laptops for the school.  Funds raised in 2015-16 were also used to buy a black bear mascot costume, which is used at PTO events and on Spirit Fridays to foster school spirit.  

In the 2016-17 school year, the PTO raised $25,000 for the school, which was used primarily to purchase classroom technology.  We achieved our goal of having five laptops in each classroom, and we have also added Kindles this year.  Jarrett J. Krosoczka, the author of the Lunch Lady children's books, also visited HMES in Spring 2017.  That visit was arranged by the librarians, and paid for by the PTO.  Other PTO funds go toward operating expenses for our various events (ie. purchasing concessions which are sold at most of our events, purchasing prizes for BINGO night, etc).  A detailed account of all PTO expenses can be provided upon request.

lunch lady

Did you know that 95% of the funding the school receives is already allocated to fixed expenses? (Teacher salaries as an example.) The remaining 5% is available for teachers to go to conferences, purchase materials for the school and classrooms.

Through parent/community donations and fundraising (participating in the Boosterthon Fun Run) the PTO is able to support our children’s education experience through enriching activities.

Over the past school years, these are contribution the PTO has made to HMES:


  • · $18,000 went towards classroom technology


  • · The Elf Musical software
  • · $19,874 Playground equipment (swings)
  • · $700 Storage boxes for playground equipment


  • · $300 for 1st grade Scholastic Books
  • · $7,000 for Science Program
  • · 3,000 for Club Cub and student remediation
  • · $1,500 for Animal Program to help students learn about life cycles, interdependence of living and non-living, habitats, the effects of weather and seasonal changes on growth and behavior of living things. (SOL 2.4ab, 2.5ac, 2.7a)
  • One Book, One School movie licenses
pictures of Science, Kindles, and playground