All rising 2nd and 3rd grades took home Kindles at the end of school year 2020-21.  The purpose was to provide online devices for summer reading and reading throughout the next school year.  Kindles are to be returned at the end of 3rd grade. 


Here are the documents that went home with students:  Kindles - Reading -Parent directions.pdf

Additional FAQs:

There are FAQs in the document link above. These are additional FAQs that parents have asked in just the last days of school:

What is my Kindle continues to want to be registered and I can't get back to home screen without registering?
Simply register the device with any email address. You can go to Google and create a extra email account just for this Kindle.  When you return the device to the school you can set it back to Factory, so that all your personal information is removed.

I had to reset the Kindle back to Factory, how do I get the Scanner App back on the Kindle, so my child can use the QR codes you provided?
Follow these directions:

  1. Swipe down
  2. Click on Settings WHEEL
  3. Click on Wireless & Bluetooth
  4. Click on Wifi
  5. Connect to your Wifi

Time Zone setting – Click OK

Click on square to close all windows

Install APK

  1. Click on SILK browser
  2. Type in
  3. Click on qrscan.apk
  4. Click on Download
  5. Select Direct download
  6. File can be harmful….Click OK
  7. Click open
  8. Close all windows
  9. Go to Desktop
    1. Click on Doc
    2. Select Local Storage tab
    3. Click on Download
    4. Click on qrscan.apk
    5. Installation Blocked… on Settings…..turn ON Apps from Unknown source…click OK at WARNING
    6. Close window (click on square)
    7. In Docs (go to #9 above)..Click on qrscan.apk
    8. Click INSTALL
    9. Click DONE
    10. Close all windows