Here are some common issues you may be encountering.  Read through this list and use these strategies to try to resolve your issues. If you need more help, call the Help Desk at 703-791-8826,  They will determine if you need hands on help or another computer.  

Zoom is the cause of many issues.
1 - Always open Zoom from the app on your desktop.
2 - Zoom app must be updated to the most current version.
3 - Zoom app must be logged on using SSO, before logging onto Canvas
4 - Here are directions for the above: click here

1 -If your sound is not working please check the volume levels on the menu in the lower right corner of your computer (PC).
2- There is also a volume setting in the Zoom App. Open the Zoom app on your desktop, go to your profile in the upper right corner, select Settings, click on Audio and adjust the volume. 

1 - There is a lens cover on some laptops.  Look closely at the camera at the top of your screen for the hidden lever.  It moves right to left.
2 - Some of our laptops have 2 cameras. If your camera is not programmed to the correct camera when using Zoom, open the Zoom app on your desktop, go to your profile in the upper right corner, select Settings, click on Video and select the correct camera from the drop down under the picture. 


If you get a "domain" error, it mostly likely means that the computer is in airplane mode.  If you can't log on to change this, you will need to bring it to school and have tech support help you with this. You should call the school before coming.