KIds riding on a busPCWS has established policies and procedures for the Kindergarten students riding school buses and what a parent/guardian can expect from the driver when attempting to take a kindergarten student off the bus.

From the regulation:
Kindergarten students must be accompanied to and from bus stops by a parent, guardian, or other designated individual. People authorized to take custody of kindergarten students must be listed on the Emergency Data Card maintained at the school, and must have identification available when receiving a student at the bus stop. An older sibling who is at least 12 years old may take responsibility for a kindergarten student at the bus stop. No special authorization form is required if the older sibling is riding the bus with a kindergartner, unless the parent has indicated otherwise.

Kindergarten Authorization Form
An additional Kindergarten Authorization Form, developed by Transportation Services, provides additional security for youngsters. This form should be completed by the parent/guardian, given to the school, and the school will forward a copy to their Office of Transportation Services representative. It gives bus drivers the information they need when delivering students home, and limits their need to call seeking to get guardian information while at the bus stop. Parents wishing change authorizations during the school year will need to complete a new form at the school.

These forms will be provided to elementary schools for completion at kindergarten orientations and are also available on the Transportation Services webpage.

Questions? Contact Chris Scholz in Transportation Services at 571-402-3860.